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ZeroSeven, founded in 2001, is the Graphic Design identity of Nick Lambert, based in Rotorua, New Zealand.
A varied work history, including many years in the creative and production teams of an Auckland-based advertising agency have contributed to development of a wide-ranging and robust skill base.
One of the lingering effects of working in an advertising agency is the focused pursuit of effective design solutions for clients. The long lunches probably weren't quite so productive.
Another significant benefit for  clients when working with ZeroSeven is that all work is done by a senior creative (that would be me, Nick). That means even when the heavy lifting is done with raw creative concepts, the artist seeing the job through the production process to final output is still that senior creative (yep, still Nick). Client projects aren't shuffled off to juniors or part-timers here, and that's intentional.

Seamless back-of-house resources as required
When a client project requires more than the talents of one person, ZeroSeven operates as a network hub to provide full-service creative solutions – offering a service that is truly customised to the task at hand. This involves managing the needs of respective projects by calling on competent creative service pros within our network on an ‘as required’ basis. 
The end result is provision of timely, realistic design solutions with a combination of talented creatives and service providers to meet the project brief’s requirements. But without the overhead of having all those creative gurus on the payroll when they're not working on client projects.


Do you work for client's outside Rotorua?
Yes - although many current clients are based in Rotorua, clients are from all over New Zealand. There is no reason to restrict working with clients from any location, whether we plan to communicate by remote or to arrange in-person meetings.
How much will my project cost?
Each project is quoted individually to consider the brief, client provision of material, schedule, specific requirements, final production costs, additional services (photography, signwriting etc.)

Some established clients operate on a pre-determined fixed-fee structure to suit the nature of the design work they require on an on-going basis. This is a win/win scenario for multiple reasons including budgeting and reliability of trustworthy delivery of effective creative work.
Wow, that sounded like a whole lot of buzzwords strung together. What I'm really trying to say is that I can work with you to figure out the best way to provide awesome design work for your project/brand/campaign.
Is my project safe while being worked on at ZeroSeven?
Structured back-up, archival, and disaster-recovery procedures are in place.
Client confidentiality is respected, and when required in cases of extreme commercial sensitivity, Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed appropriately.
Can you arrange printing and other services?
Yes, established relationships with a variety of trusted service providers assures the most appropriate recommendations for a given project. When required, we assemble a team of the most suitable professionals to meet your requirements (e.g. photographers, signwriters, copywriters, and web coders). There are also a few 'big picture' type Business Development Managers and Project Managers to put you in touch with, if needed.
Do you have a terms of service contract?
Terms of trade are detailed here
What does ZeroSeven mean anyway?
In the spirit of seeking unexpected solutions, but relevant ones - it is the telephone area code for the Bay of Plenty region where the business is based. Decided on when I made the shift from the big smoke of Auckland to the provincial powerhouse of Rotorua. As time goes on, landline area codes will become even more obscure in our increasingly digital-driven world, so the business name may need more detailed explanation in future!
You sound a bit nerdy, I thought creative types were cool?
There is some truth to that nerd label, but if being a bit nerdy means sweating the details of design and production, caring about how things work- and not just what they look like, then that's surely a good thing for your design and branding projects.
Do you do anything outside of design work?
I'm an enthusiastic mountain biker, gravel rider (google it) and trail runner, with an active family and all that entails. I also write and photograph, sometimes for clients - if my style of those things is a suitable fit for their requirements. Check out my Instagram feed here. That's my personal IG so is a mixture of all kinds of photography that interest me at any given time. One of the things I enjoy most about creative endeavours is looking for fresh angles in every opportunity - with my photography that means not locking myself into only one genre of subject or style.

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