High resolution retouching of photographic image of a family Christmas BBQ setting:
There are the obvious edits, like the bluer sky (although still somewhat cloudy, so it fits with the intensity of light and shadows in the subject area), and the lush green lawn. 
There are many other smaller details at play as well, which contribute to the overall impression of the image, and its suitability for use in an advertising campaign...
The main subject person is adjusted to correct the camera's lens distortion at the wide angle the scene was photographed at. He, and his BBQ, are also enlarged slightly and moved closer to the family at the table to provide a tighter, more inclusive impression.
Retouching the lawn to remove yellowed grass is kept realistic, including retention of details like the few fallen leaves. Although it would be possible to correct every flaw - the overall aim is realism, not perfection.
But the smallest details are considered, down to the level of brightening the decorations on the christmas tree, due to the christmas themeing of the overall image.

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