Interp (Interpretation) Panels are one of those intriguing methods of visual communication that work on multiple levels.
Primarily, they convey information, enriching and educating the knowledge and awareness of the reader. The Graphic Designer's role is in achieving that while making the sign panel visually appealing, and relevant to the subject matter:
Signage throughout DOC's Tarawera Trail has both an organic style with colour and background imagery, as well as cultural relevance with a retouched illustration of a tradition carving appropriate to the location and the Maori iwi landowner's heritage.
Modular design with multiple sections provide flexibility when addressing requirements for DOC signage. Each sign requirement can demand that a combination of many images and separate sections of text are present. A robust design means this can be accomplished, without devolving into a cluttered or difficult-to-read mass of content.
Understanding of text legibility on large format signs is as important as honouring the client's branding. Experience dictates that an understanding of the end user's environment is invaluable - e.g. considering how close (or far away) from the sign the user is, the lighting conditions, other environmental factors in the location which can influence legibility.

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