Sometimes, conflicting briefs can provide the best results: 
The client says: " I can kind of imagine a staunch rooster character, in a Wiley Coyote / Roadrunner sort of style, holding a single ski over his shoulder, with retro hot rod graphics text". 
Client's 9 year old son says "yeah Dad, and look at this cool HotWheels Transformers drag car toy I've got. Lightening bolts and stuff. That can cover the whole boat! 
While that might sound like conflicting briefs to some, I saw it as an ideal opportunity to showcase the nature of the boat, and keep both Dad and Son happy. This isn't a subtle or understated boat - it is loud and fast, and the graphics are a suitable reflection of its character.
The importance of accurate mock-ups: Using available imagery from the public domain, it was critical to make sure the boat was the correct model so that we could figure out an appropriate scale for the artwork and provide an accurate guide for the signwriter to work to.
Hand-off to the signwriter included not just the mockup artist renders to show indicated scale and positioning, but also the original full-blown, source artwork files. 
Providing the most versatile files possible ensures the signwriter will have the artwork necessary for the tricky stuff - like wrapping around weird-shaped angles.

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